2 Requests: Positive Buff Timers & Campaign Item Drop Rates

Positive Buff Timers

Currently, when we become negatively buffed, a timer appears in the middle of the screen showing us how much longer we are affected. With Mandrake’s new Gold passive, I would like to see this same type of display so that we can gauge how much longer our invisibility will last for (along with other positive effects). It doesn’t have to be smack in the center of the screen like the negative effects are, but maybe on the bottom left corner or something.
Furthermore, I notice that it shows the positive effects on champions under their head shots in the upper left, but it does not show the duration remaining, which I think would be helpful.

Campaign Item Drop Rates

It seems like certain missions have better drop rates for specific items. For example, I’ve been farming hundreds of these damn Bronze Fuel Cells for the past couple weeks, and it seems like mission 3-7 gives me a better drop rate than mission 3-10. Similar to the drop rates of items in crates, I would like to see the percent chances of items in campaign missions.

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With regards to item drop rates:

Wouldn’t it be better to have a section of this site dedicated to statistics like drop rates?

My reasoning is based on two things:

  1. Nostalgia(so this doesn’t really matter)
  2. Forum activity gains longevity

I’m not saying this will be better, I’m just throwing the idea in the hat.

@Lomek666 Yes, that’s also a good idea; as long as the information is available.

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@Poobgloob Okay cool I get where you are coming from.

Thing is I wager it would be easier to link the data to an app(like a HH-wiki or something) if it’s on the forum.

A possible download of new iterations in xls format can be downloaded or uploaded to a google drive for those times that one wants to do some planning without actually going into the game or even settling arguments amongst friends without the hassle of switching between in-game screens.

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