5 Star Hero

Couver a high end attacker attacks enemies with countless buffs’s and debbufs to support his allies and to end them and Restore.

Bronze skill : Block Out Blocks the Enemies Skill for 5 seconds and Disorients them when critical hit.

Silver skill: Charged Up: Sacrifices 25% of his health and boosts his weapon by 50% for 5 seconds.

: Plat skill l: 4 in 1: Whenever Couver Kills an enemy he gains a charge of 4 in 1each charge of 4 in 1 improves all allies Reload by 25% and Critical chance by 10%

Gold Skill : tweaked: If couver is below 50% of his health he goes Invisible until 50% of his health is Restored and Improves his speed by 50% Plus Improves his skills cool down by 50% and provides a shield absorbing 32,459 Damage

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