7* Hero Idea: X-013

“It’s sad really, how this world kills without mercy. How it changes the inhabitants, to the point of needing to augment themselves. I was a product of this world, and now I will end the suffering.”

X-013 - Relentless Attacker - Mechanical - 7 Stars - Front Line

The amalgamation of the ideas from The Magistrates, The Watch, and People’s Guard. Created to finally end the war with Kurtz. This idea ultimately failed to work, put into a form of cryo-stasis, his CPU created it’s own personality, becoming a great tactician, and leader. Finally released by Heckler as a form of mercy, he has created a bond with him, seeing him as a savior., and as his brother.

For two years he wondered the wastelands, gaining the favor of multiple survivor groups, and eventually creating his own faction. Now He wishes to unite the world against Kurtz, and his armies.

Description: A Relentless attacker, who knows no mercy. Deals extreme damage with his random explosive rounds, and dual chainguns. These together create a devastating warrior.

Faction: The United- A group of outcasts from different factions that he has amassed over two years. All of them respect him, and some even worship him. The Untied provides assistance to The Watch and People’s Guard. Their ultimate goal is to unite their three groups together in the fight against Kurtz.

The United’s known Members: X-013, Silas, Gauss, Bone Saw, Jigsaw, Nox, and Envoy.

Weapon: Dregon Assault Rifle
Weapon Type: Assult
Fire Rate: 2.5 rounds / sec
Ammo Capacity: 40
Reload Time: 1.7 seconds

Active Skills:

Bronze- Dual Chaingun- X-013 puts away his base weapon, and activates his dual, built in chain guns. The guns themselves do only 15% of his base damage, but have an ammo capacity of 200 rounds. The bullets have 30% chance to burst through cover.

Silver- Tactician - When active all allies take 25% less damage, and have a 5% chance the completely ignore damage. This skill will cause X-013 to go behind cover for the entire duration of 20 seconds. When cover is destroyed he will move to the next, healing it to max.

Passive skills:

Gold- Explosive Rounds- As the name entails, X-013 will have a 15% chance to fire an explosive round dealing 200% of his base damage, anyone caught in the explosion will take the damage as well. These rounds instantly do 30% of the max health of the cover. When Dual Chainguns are active the chance increases to 35%, but will only increase the damage of their 15% to 45%

Platinum- United We Stand- For every hero apart of The United, X-013 will gain 10% more max health, gain 5% of his max armor, and heal for 500 health a second. Every other member will gain 15% more damage for every skill and have 10% of their max health added.

Creator notes:

I will soon be adding the other members of The United soon, and actual comments or suggestions would be nice.

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All your hero ideas are overpowered. Design wise nothing bad, but abilities are terribly unbalanced.

This is probably the best idea to date… I love the story line, and the All the new characters in the new faction! Very excited to have a completely new faction to explore . This is awesome HH