The DEVASTATIONS are very good and the one which makes everyone to play the game , but it’s not favouring all . Some call it nepotism as the big alliance players get the 1st chance . There is an overwhelming majority that are not available at time of start of devastation. So i want that instead of pvp duels , make devastation a EVENT . For making it more interesting, the enemies health should be very high like in extreme modes, gorgon , MAU , Helios can also come in last waves. What do you guys think?

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I really don’t understand the point? People that want to challenge the devs have to come online in a certain time. Then they can play, easy right?

1st of all there is no nepotism of favouritism involved, such accusations are outright rude and disrespectful for the developers who spent nearly and entire work day to just do this event for players. Secondly, it can’t be an event because it required the developers to play and duel, having it like bounty where you just play a match against the AI defeats the entire object of it being against the developers.

Lots of players who were in VIP yesterday got their chance to play, if you did not go to VIP or in TWITCH chat then you did not get a chance and that is on you, I think you should be more careful with what you accuse people of. The developers had a list of names they took down from VIP and players got their chances, there was no favouritism.


well,Last time I was in a big alliance having 25m+ power & I need to wait for more than 2 hours to get my match.

& this time I was in a very very low alliance & got my match within 1 hour…
I saw many players from TIVY who got their match within 15 minutes… So,I guess, it is just random selection & chronology of message decides(imo)
Welll, chronology remind me about our big bro Amit shah :sweat_smile:

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Well, I had the match and I’m not a VIP.

It was a pure luck i believe, if I logged on later or that player before me answered I would have missed my chance again.

What I’m saying is that rather than making DEVASTATION a pvp duel , make it an event like MINS danger simulator , in which you need to fight with the DEVS team at all platinum level . This will make more people gaining the portrait

you complain then that the majority of the countries not the possibility of participating because a priori it is too complicated for the developers but instead of doing each time in the same country why it does not turn with the others ??? so ■■■■ stop complaining a little mash you always find something to complain about

It’s about playing against an actual developer live and getting the portrait. Making it an event vs a developer’s team A.I. defeats its purpose. I was also trying to get a match for a couple of hours until I got my chance, almost talking every few minutes in chat for it.


How did you get your match? I thought the event was only for vip. Could you explain?

I requested it from Twitch’s chat.
My prey was actually Nikon, but I was too late.

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I waited over two hours for my match. You have to be patient and realize it may not happen. This event is a bonus and you can clearly see they do the best they can to get as many matches in as possible. Thx for taking the time DEVS.


Stop asking whats already answered
Making it a min sim would be annoying

Ok mates,no need to become rude dio… Sil4nt is a good guy & he was just asking… This is a good thing…
Have a great day to all :slightly_smiling_face:
Sed loife

So before this escalates into further bickering and stuff let me mention that I got a match. All I did was comment very little. There was no favoritism. I have no alliance, so that wasn’t a “factor”. It kinda already is an event. A timed event where you have a chance to fight one of the devs for a prize. Either try via the twitch stream or in VIP chat. Just don’t be like that one player who spams “fight me” every few seconds. Others comments will get lost fast.


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