Add option to hide your VIP level

So yeah, title says it all.
I’m pretty high VIP and i feel different things:
People are judging me after seeing my VIP level. Think I’m a “pay to win” player, no interest in actually playing the game, people are sometimes a bit offended to see me dropping that many dollars on a mobile game, but most of all I feel that my spending habits are kinda personal and I don’t wanna flash my VIP level to anyone who inspects me in the game.

The toggle could have 3 settings:

  • Hide VIP totally
  • Display a VIP sign but no level to it
  • Display full, transparent VIP level (as it currently works)

I agree, showing other people that you spend a little on a game is something that needs to be optional.

I play a game called Battle Bay by Rovio and there’s VIP in it as well. I actually have VIP and the game never gives anyone else the knowledge of your VIP status. This is definitely something that this game’s devs should take into consideration, because the hate towards paying players is unwarranted.

And on a personal note, ignore the haters. Your game, your way of playing it. Those guys can whine all day, you should just stay cool :wink:


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