Allowing too see character's default stats

Sometimes i just want to compare characters and it’s hard to do that once you upgrade them from their base stats. There’s no way for a fair comparison after level 1 because their equipment are diff even at same stages and level.

The only way to view them now are only in some crates and event rewards. Even then not all crates allow us to see default stats but are tied to our current levels (standard 300 hero crate).

The only real viable way is to make a duplicate fresh account which is a huge pain.

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That’d be pretty cool so we can maybe understand stats like “Elemental Offensive Mod” better.

Hmm the problem with this is there is no baseline in the game, every hero starts at different star levels so unless they add a prestige feature or something to send everyone to 1* level 1 green you will never be able to compare stats :frowning:

The only option is to use another account and normalise all your heros at 5 star and the same power level with the same gear and skill level etc but that sounds like a lot of work and no fun

EVERY hero? At the very least you can compare the majority which are 3 stars to the 3s. The 5s and 7s are really too few to matter. There were 1 stars like Kunoichi (iirc) but they too arent that large a number.

You can true but as said in the OP there are many variables at play and that won’t make it a fair comparison, if you want to make a comparison that is good enough maybe a few hundred power here and there sure but I am referring to making a completely fair comparison, the only way I can think to do this is if you challenge someone you can normalise all hero’s to plat 7* or gold, silver, bronze. Maybe use that to compare but you can’t see individual stats like damage just power and skills.

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