Another one bites the dust. Account available

I cant stand this game anymore. Pvp sucks. Nothing but ronin teams. Made it insanely repetitive and boring… War has took a very sharp turn for the worse and is now crap with these boosts. Bounty, which was my main focus, isnt worth the effort anymore. The rewards for so much time consumption are garbage. My account is available for purchase if anyone wants it. In game name is [Muninn here: account selling goes against our Terms of Use, as does talking about it.]

Aren’t you the one in the forums constantly complaining about people complaing but yet you’re complaining now? Also sure HH will ban your account since you’re trying to sell it

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Sorry to hear you aren’t enjoying the game, please provide us with some constructive feedback to help prevent this happening with future players!

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“Us”? I’m confused as to why you’re always talking as if you’re a dev…? It seems like in every response, you try to give the impression that you’re some official rep of hothead…


Us is collective, us as in everyone. Provide everyone with feedback as to what OP is not enjoying about the game so we can discuss.