Anyone figure out how to bypass the 20 characters limit?

Title says it all. I have, wondering if anyone else has :stuck_out_tongue:

The easiest way is to write at least 20 characters.



Ban him, he is using hacks

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Oof, 20 characters

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You caught me!

How the…?

This is black magic!



Yes Screenshot_20181204-183112


Yeah ok this wasn’t that hard

How’d ya do it?

Hacks Screenshot_20181204-183112

I’m sure there’s tons of different ways. My first guess at something that would work did the trick just fine :slight_smile:


Yup same for me

for my method you have to do a space in the hyperlink title and then type 20 characters in the hyperlink section

I did a different one, I failed hard, then out of nowhere I thought of something

Yuck, that’s messy. Using a few unicode zero-width joiners is a bit cleaner.

Ban all these haxx0rs and throw them to the wolves!