Auto Replay Option

For replay, how adding Auto Replay for stages over and over again. I collect the same gears on the same stages but I don’t have umlimited tickets and pressing replay gets tiring. How about adding Auto Replay so it would replay the stage over and over again until u want it to stop or when you’re finished

Hey @Danielle_Carroll,

Is this separate from our Quick Win Feature?

Yes it would be. The stage would repeat without constantly clicking repeat and continue. Here’s an example of it

You’re just being petty at this point. The quick win feature is exactly this already. You are just asking to not hit an extra button…

No I’m not, there’s plenty games that have the feature I’m describing. I’m not asking them to replace the feature already. It would be for people who want to play a stage over and over again without picking up their phone to click a button. Like when I’m doing HW or in class, the game would play itself on the stage nonstop until I’m ready to stop it or until my stamina runs out

Epic war tactics uses that system where you auto run trough a level but you are actually watching the game playthrough and once its done 1 run it automatically restarts until no more energy.

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Yeah, looking like an extension of the current autoplay system where the game keeps playing itself until stam has run out. Keep win tickets intact for instant wins, but a repeat level is great for when you are out of win tickets and are busy with something else

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This would be nice. Personally i love what another game called Alliance Heroes of the Spire does where you have airships and can run multiple levels at once. You basically just tell it how many times you want it to run and it does it in the background. You can even turn off the game and it will run them so it doesn’t kill your battery. Very nice imo. For this game it kind of negates the quick win tickets and even this auto running function would do the same so it seems unlikely that they would add it.

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now that’s just being lazy!


You’re missing the point but okay you’re opinion

Yeah especially when people don’t even want it. Many people on chat have made that clear

Exactly and that way you don’t have to keep looking at the stage to see when it’s over and you’re just collecting gears or Frags

Exactly what I’m suggesting for this game as well