Big Battle Raids

My “part two” of wishing the devs to release Heroes that resemble each KLG unit. In this case, we can start with having Campaign-only KLG units as allies.

Created with images from the HH Fan Kit and gimp software.

Big Battle Raid Mode

Basic Info: this mode would be essentially a large-scale version of the Co-op raids we currently have. Instead of the usual three Heroes, the two Co-op players will have the option of up to five Heroes to bring to the Raid battle.

Not only that, players would also be assisted by computer controlled Heroes, three A.I. Heroes for either player. These A.I. Heroes could range from Heroes from a certain faction or even the Campaign-only KLG units.

The setting and event theme can dictate whom the A.I. Heroes would be. If the battle was set in the Morlock Den, Morlock Heroes would assist. Likewise if the setting was Fort Anchor, the A.I. Heroes would come from the Shoremen.

More Info: Big Battle Raids would be a weekly event, similar to the Alliance chest, and would rotate between several events each week.

For example: in one of these weeks, the Raid would be set in Armory Park against the rebelling Magistrates. The KLG reluctantly requests the assistance of anyone in the vicinity, wherein you and your Co-op partner would arrive. In this raid, the Kurtz Lawgivers, KLG Black Ops, and even the Campaign-only KLG can arrive to assist.

The Raid can last as long as five waves or even as one huge wave. In the example, the waves would consist of Magistrates-loyal KLG units and the Magistrates Heroes themselves (albeit exceptionally buffed akin to the single-win, Hero Fragment Raid).

Rewards: of course, a Raid this big must give a reward just as large. First time victories, regardless of Heroes lost, would reward a sizable payout. First time rewards can include a massive payout of currency of any type, including Gold, Universal Fragments, and rare crafting materials. Of course, increasing the difficulty increases the rewards.

Subsequent victories would also give a meaningful rewards, however it would be minuscule compared to the First Time Victory reward. Subsequent victories can give out a few Fragments, crafting materials, etc.

tl;dr: 5 + 5 + A.I. teams Vs. a huge wave of beefy enemies for valuable stuff because we’re thirsty for content. Basically Co-op Raids 2. Also the KLG units look really cool can we please have them devs please oh please

Roast me hard campaign style.


I can actually dig this. Or maybe they can alter some of the existing characters Into to a different character all together. I’d hate to use the cliche “zombie” route but something along those lines maybe a evil hero type etc. But you’re def on the right track with newer content with better rewards. Well played out and thought through. Kudos my man .

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Ghoul, vanguard, elite riffleman, sentry and operator are here
We need drone operator and officer then

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If you count Ghoul as KLG’s bombardier counterpart (even when he is not related to KLG), you can count Hivemind as the technician (drone operator)

I would personally love to see more endgame content, so they could make these big raids and make challenging for max level players.

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I was thinking what if the missions pathed, so after a few stages a popup came up where you had to select which characters went left and which went right, the two couldn’t help each other or heal each other. This big raid could facilitate that idea.

Awesome Ideas here! Also, awesome use of the Fan Kit!!


big thank wheres the Bridal Gown for Operator tell me now

Bridal Gown? I guess I’m missing something.

something ive been asking for since last few months i havent received a proper answer devs please answer

Operator’s a dude. Why would he wear a bridal gown.

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Thats his thing. Don’t kink shame

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Lol. To each their own, I guess. :+1:t2:


You know why?

because operator is bae. he may not be meta but he’s bae.

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