Broken or Min Max

Broken Hero: a character who’s skills and / or abilities do not perform as they are described or has some glitch ( like Galante had with view ) etc.

Min Max: the use of one powerful hero with a supporting cast of characters several stars or levels or skill levels etc lower than the one powerful hero. (Most commonly seen in recent times with Ronin as the one powerful hero)

I would like the community as a whole to stop using these two things interchangeably. Min maxing does not = broken hero. Ronin, as well as a vast majority of heroes, do exactly what they are supposed to do. Because players are abusing a problem with PvP matchmaking does not mean changes to a hero are necessary.

So please, talk about actual broken heroes, or talk about PvP matchmaking and min maxing, but they are not the same thing.

Edit: a great many community members do NOT use these concepts interchangeably and know the difference. But I see it done often enough that it is bothersome and usually muddies the waters of conversation.


I would also add that “broken” can mean a Hero is really good, or really bad, so that one doesn’t quite provide info without context.

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Can’t argue with that. Yes.