Can't defeat the Kurtz forces

Are there a particular faction I should use against Kurtz forces

Each campaign has the enemy lineups being shown before you start them.

Which mission do you have problems with and what’s your team you’re using?

On average there are only 2 types of element present, so if you take heroes of the same element as the unit that dosent have a weakness its pretty safe.


So if the mission has some Mech and some Energy enemies, take Mech heroes because you will get bonus damage against the enemy Energy heroes and take less damage from them, with basic damage being dealt to the Mech enemies. Dont take Chem heroes in this example as they will die fast and deal low damage to Energy Heroes.

If a mission has some of every type of enemy, pick your best heroes.

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Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

Tim Trusty