casecs…cold tankyou

What does this mean?

He wants a tanky frontline hero with a cold/freezing theme, named Casecs.

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Elementary dear Saiko.

It’s a new Cicada 3301 clue

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illuminati confirmed

یعنی طلا و پول میخام برای خریدآیتم از مارکت بلک.

at least you are getting more replies than i did when i suggested a new cryo based hero.

You didn’t suggest it in such an engaging way :smiley:

mine was detailed. most i got was seeral likes. i should draw it up (or try).

is casecs here a name?

oh snap is this a character design contest, game on

GIR, I was totally joking. I don’t know what this guy wanted and made up something.

Most of us are commenting here out of surprise because of such a cryptic message.