Connection condition in Asia

Hi guys, first of all, I’m Korean. I’d been mostly playing Korean-made mobile games for many years but got sick of them for many reasons. So nowadays, I play games like hero hunters, COC & clash royal that are non Korean-made. I especially love to play hero hunters a lot. However, there’s just a minor problem that should be fixed or improved. It’s the connection condition. I guess, I got disconnected maybe 2 times out of 10 games everytime.

I was wondering if people playing in other countries have this kind of problems & if there are any ways to make things get better.

Me too I’m Indonesia why the connection Asia servers low again

It’s actually quite bothering.
In my case, I use golds for PVP fight a lot which means I pay for them.
Every time I get disconnected, my golds are gone & there’s no way to get them back.

In addition, even if I don’t loss connection, sometimes buttons does not work.
When you are using Pris or Dogface, it’s very important to push buttons like ‘da da da da da’ as fast as it can be. When they don’t work, it’s really in deed annoying.

So I want it to be fixed.I really want it…

Calm on jang u should use support and contact us of this game simple right

I’m from South Africa so I use EU servers and I agree and understand that it’s frustrating. I sometimes experience disconnects while my connection on everything(most?) other things is optimal.

Thing is I’ve seen this issue with MANY mobile games where Asia/SEA servers are concerned and I most likely have some bad news:

It’s most likely your location @Jang:

  1. How far are you from your local exchange(The point closest to you that your service provider uses to give you your… well service)?

  2. Where are you located in context of the servers that HH has for Asia?

  3. What’s the weather like? (yes I know this might not even play a big role in your situation)

My reason for suggesting the above? Let me tell you about the days that I played HoN online:

I had a 384 ADSL line around 8 years ago while all my friends had at least 2mb lines. That’s around 20 times the speed if I roughly work it out in my head.

These poor okes tried EU servers on several different games and while they had reasonably okay latency(RSA->EU), they couldn’t even play at all. Lag spikes made the ol’ MS background rotation timers seem like a Ferrari.

And how was I experiencing ranked online with a line inferior to their’s?

I had to mute one specific friend who started raging at me because I’m able to play without ANY issues.

The thing is that I was situated extremely close to our local exchange so I had preference with regards to the service. Nothing can be done about something like this.

I hope that your situation isn’t what I’m suggesting it is dude. I hope it’s fixable.

Let me tell you guys how fast & stable internet connection here is. Most of people here use LTE service & the speed is about 50mbps. So poor connection possiblilty in Korea is nonsense I would say. In addition, I’ve never had any connection problems in playing any mobile game but this game. I still play this game because it’s really fun to
play & well-made. I just want servers to be managed a bit better than it is now.

Where can I write down this request anyway? Can anyone give me a link? Lastely, I am not upset at all. I actually thank the company that made this game cuz I really enjoy it a lot.

You aren’t quite understanding my point and I’m at a loss as to how else to explain it. It has nothing to do with your network speed or even what number displays anywhere. It has to do with the locations of both you and the Asia server for HH.

That’s exactly why I typed out a short version of how a line 20 times slower than the lines used by some other people could practically perform without any latency with a ping of 250-300ms while the stronger lines couldn’t do anything but quit their sessions.

I read that the first time(edit: taken from context) so I know and understand that. Go check out forums for Vainglory(as an example) and you’ll find quite a few examples of people who run everything fine except for one, single, game.

The reason is usually their location in relation to that specific game’s servers for that unfortunate player’s region. Other people in that player’s general area claim they have no issues so then it’s not the software, it’s not the servers, it’s not the service provider and it’s not their phones: It’s the relation of locations.

The above is purely an explanation of what a potential issue is, I’m not claiming that it is the actual issue. I run on LTE which runs around that speed as well and I experience issues so that’s a null point(because the ping/line speed/stability is not the issue, the issue is between all the points of the network, not the network itself if that makes sense?).

But give the Devs some time to sort out the PvP balancing first them contact their support team @Jang. It’s going to be a lot more productive if you go that route since the forum isn’t exactly for submitting issues to hothead games yo.

Anyway have a great weekend. I hope your lag gets sorted ASAP! :sunglasses: