Early bounty crate

The next bounty is on 26 and the bounty crate showed up one week before? I didn’t remembered that it was the case before…
I regret having unlocked briar with the gold I farmed with events instead of unlocking her for 400 gold 3 days later…
Well, is this gonna happen each month? Will be really easier ahah

Probably a mistake since they originally planned Bounty for this weekend (but changed it) but didn’t change the scheduled bounty crate.

There’s no guarantee to unlock Briar for 400 gold (one bounty crate), not at all guaranteed.

Sure, but even with 5 try you waste less than for the offer… And you will have frags, the offer is good for people who don’t have enough skill points, money or everything, I just need frags ahah

Thanms for the answer by the way, I didn’t remember the first calendar, that’s understandable

Based on the drop % you are not guarranteed to get Briar with only 5 pulls. Its like ~10% per pull