For The Devs: Appreciation Gifts

This post is for the devs…

As a gamer, I really enjoy games… Quite obviously, lol. (Especially yours!!)
In my gaming experience, there have been a couple games where the devs have shown the community their appreciation by sending them little (or even sometimes rather large) gifts in their mailbox every now and then (maybe every one or two weeks).
Anybody can agree that it feels nice to receive gifts no matter who it’s from, and today’s package in our mailbox (due to PvP server issues) reminded me of the other game I play where we receive gifts from the devs on a regular basis.

This post is not meant to be asking for free handouts or anything like that… this is simply a suggestion for the devs to give their customers and community an even more incentive to stay loyal to their game and to feel even more appreciated (even though we already do, based on your extreme interest in our feedbacks).

Receiving 50 Quick Tickets here, or 10 Gold there, or even 5 - 10 hero frags just to say…

We appreciate you as an active participant in our gaming community. Here is a token of our appreciation. :heart:

would mean a lot every now and then…

AGAIN: Not that we feel under-appreciated, by any means…! It is just something that came to my mind based on other gaming experiences.

- Cheers

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