Free play PvP

Maybe it’s not doable due to server limitations or some other reason, but I certainly would appreciate having free play PvP open at all times. I’ve noticed that during some PvP events that free play is available and during others it’s not. Can we have permanent free play?

It is due to server limitations( I believe they said)

I’m pretty sure Free Play PVP is always available except for Tournaments because it’s still normal 5v5.

True, most PVP events are still 5v5. However, those events usually have specified bonus heroes that people usually will alter their regular team makeup to incorporate. While I enjoy the challenge of trying to find a way to use new heroes, or heroes I typically don’t use but are bonuses for a particular event, I would enjoy switching out to open play with my regular teams. I do understand that this would give us all two areas in which to earn PVP gems, which is probably the real reason for not having two 5v5 setups at the same time, but we do regularly have a 3v3 and a 5v5 at the same time…what’s 40 more gems?

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