Get good server ?!?!?

I am very pissed off about the quality of ur server or how to manage the pvp server ! first to all the people who wanna say : get ram on phone I havnt problem about lag or connecrion change ur connection … just say nothing …
there is laggy problem in pvp u can fight decently and the other fight could be laggy like hell I dont know what is the problem or how are manage server but at good lvl its really annoying to fight and command ur team with 2 or 3 sec delay. its not always on each figth I could say its 50% of my fight so … hot head are u gonna do something to get some good server or good management server or just let those lag ruin this

had the same problem, my team can win 95% of my games as long as i manually play but when there is disconnect and the enemy team has heroes like flatline and mandrake autoplay cant win no matter what they have as extra heroes

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