Giant heroes = Tank heroes?

I’m just curious, if a hero has big body it means he/she is a tank right? I asking this Because the developer never explain this to people, and there’s no description too if you want to know he/she is a tank hero or not :thinking::sweat_smile:

Hey @Justice95, we want to get better communication about which heroes are which roles into the game. It’s something we’re actively working towards right now. For now though, any hero marked as “Frontline” in their information screen is considered a “Tank”.

Frontline Heroes will always be put towards the front unless there are more Frontline Heroes than there are front cover nodes. In which case some of them are moved to the middle cover nodes. They tend to have more health and deal bonus damage to enemy cover.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you developer! You did a great job! :grin::+1:

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