Gonna fix that bot spam in global?

I don’t go into global chat that much but virus link bots should not be able to spam all day. They’ve been at it for about a month now; for sure the devs must be doing something about it. :confused:


I’m pretty sure they keep banning the account that does it, but whoever made the bot keeps making a new profile as soon as the old one is banned. They do need to find a permanent solution to it though.

Remove global chat all together is one obvious solution as very few are there. Or make global chat available at vip1, that will keep the bots away. Or if total free chat is what you want, make chat available first after some sort of tutorial or a set of matches, or time limit(1 day).

That would make it harder at least for bots to spam.

We are indeed working on a solution. It’s not as easy as you might imagine. We do have developers working on this problem and you’ll know when our counter-measures are working.


Never a doubt in my mind. You guys are dedicated to the game, and I know you’ll find a permanent solution. I know it’s not easy too, because it’s a field I have experience in. Best of luck to you and the entire team

Would it work to ban the phrase? Person who says the phrase gets a warning, 2nd time mute, 3rd time perma ban? I add the warnings due to players perhaps reading it then going to someone and asking hey is this ____ real? And it gives them a warning not to say it. Or if the phrase is spammed to quickly it’s a ban?

No go on banning the phrase, because the website address changes each time, and a simple edit to any part of the message would essentially cheat the system, which it is already doing


Don’t need to ban phrase. But ban/lockout for repetitive identical messages from same account. Not 100% failsafe, but bot logic need to change and mix up messages for not to be banned.

it’s doesn’t even work lol, I guess we can ignore it until devs fix it, just be patient guys

this is is a pretty good solution. at least 5 hrs of gameplay before enabling global chat.

This would only delay the bots on the first day, probalby. They would just set a second bot, that creates a series of accounts. The moment one is banned, they use another one, and thats it.

Lets just keep blocking the spam bots and wait patiently.

It’ll be a big deterrent. 5second to create a new account, but 5 hrs of gameplay is a big burden. They’ll have to create play thru bots, which costs a lot more time to develop not to mention they’ll have to keep it running for 5 hrs. Just not worth the time.

Hi guys, but I’m kinda seeing spamming bots in the game so I blocked them, my real problem is I’m banned in chat, now for any developer out there in this game, might wanna ask if I’m banned for days, or its a perma-ban because I’m startung to be dead in this good game…

Write a ticket to the support, they can help you, we can’t.