Google Play Points

This was mostly a question for devs about this perk system on Google Play.

Play Points is: Google Play’s new rewards program lets you earn points and redeem them for in-app items or Google Play Credit.

Initially its getting points per dollar spent when you do IAP in any of your games. Then the points can be used as exchange in the game you play.

For example: using 150 points could get you a $3 coupon via Pokemon Go. Or it could get you gems in another game or some other form of currency in another. Or it doesnt have to be for a game. You could use the points for Google Play Credit.

and then it has its own perk levels (depending on how much you spend in games (bronze-Platinum))

My question here would be, could we see HH use this system and benefit it from the points?


I’ll pass the feedback along to the rest of the team, but can’t promise anything. Thanks!

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no prob. Its a fairly new system (think i launched back in november of last year) and thought why not try to see if could be done.

i hope its a yes :smiley:

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I agree it would be awsome to ave it here so we could use them points

Sadly but the system has been online since 2013. I honestly think it was thought more as a “Xbox Achievements System” and not as a Reward System. Actually, not a lot of games have achivements and the ones which got them are not updating the achievements according to the new challenges into the game

Play games isn’t the same as the Play Points. Play games is just the achievement, where some might give you stuff in game. The other (as shown below) is a different rewards system.

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