Grimm Hardin

Pretty long so i left the story and design at the bottom. Highly based off of John Wesley Hardin for names and weapons, Mccree for design (so far just a thought), and Ringo Roadagain for philosophy.

Grimm: Virtuous Outlaw
Front-Line Bio-Chem Dps
People’s Guard/Ex Magistrate
Health: 3/5


Dual Pistols: Twin Raider Teeth
Fire Rate: 2/second
Damage: 3/5
Clip Size: 6 per gun
Reload Speed: 2 Seconds
Crit Chance: 4%

Marksman Rifle: Elgin Tusk
Fire rate: 1/second
Damage: 5/5
Clip Size: 1
Reload Speed: 2 seconds
Crit Chance: 13%

[Bounty Hunt] Bronze
Hardin quickly fans the hammer, depleting half his ammo, and dealing (Medium) bio-chem damage for each bullet left in his clip. This marks the target and gives them 6% crit chance for 15 seconds. Can be used twice in a row.

[Dead Eye] Silver
Taunt and enter a state of calm, allowing Grimm to dodge easier for 13 seconds. Gain 7% dodge for each enemy alive (45% cap), and switch to a Marksmans Rifle, dealing (Heavy) but slow damage. While in this [Dead Eye] state, he is 6% more susceptible to crits from all damage sources.

[Rivalry] Gold
Whenever a marked enemy scores a critical hit, Grimm gains [Rivalry], which boosts his next shot, giving him 65% crit chance and (high) crit bonus. Friend or foe, marked targets copy every effect grimm has and keep them for the same duration, except for [Dead Eye]. [Rivalry] is used up when he takes a shot, and can only stack once.

[Stand Off] Platinum
Every shot Grimm lands gives him a charge of [Stand Off], increasing reload and movement speed by 3% up to 10 times. While taunting, gain 1% crit for each charge of [Stand Off], and deal (Medium) bio-chem and standard damage to marked targets.

Hardin is skilled in short and long ranged fighting, and uses the exhilarating rush of combat to better himself. Because of his need for this feeling of self betterment, he got kicked from the Magistrates for giving enemies a chance to fight at their best. This kind of life style is very self destructive and would endanger all those near to him. Persistent to challenge heros, he stole a Police Rifle and two Peace Keepers from the MPD. A fair man who expects the best out of everyone, including himself.

Meant to be a mix of Gammond and Outlaw clyde. He wears a torn black and red cloak draped to his right side. Underneath, there is a metal exoskeleton ribcage, on which holds two mounted holsters. He keeps modified Hand Cannons, with less firepower, but with easier handling, and higher fire speed. On his back, a Marksmans Rifle made by the MPD was slung over his shoulder. The top half of a clydes face acts as a scope, mask, and reticle. Dark, slightly long hair, but no hat. Two black ammo belts hang in a flat X shape around his jeans.

Took me a LONG time to write. Im still learning how to write good character, so there’s alot of problems, like the overuse of ‘He’. I also tried to cram in alot of story in a small amount of space. Feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you!