Hardscope crouching after Rocket Launcher (bronze ability)

Is this done on purpose? After he switches to his rocket launcher, he automatically crouches right after. I’ve tried swiping up constantly to try to keep him standing, but it’s been unsuccessful. This makes a significant difference if he’s gold, as his gold passive is already up after his rocket launch equipping animation. That means you have to waste another 3 seconds staying stood up after.

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As far as I know, his gold doesn’t affect his rocket launcher, so it doesn’t really matter.

Do you know if it’s just him, or do gold/passive abilities not count towards abilities?

I guess it depends on every hero.

I think Callidus gold (lifesteal) applies to both her skills, for example.

This one doesn’t apply probably because it says “weapon damage” or something like that, and his weapon is the sniper, not the rocket launcher. But could be a bug

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