Hero/Faction Concept: Emerzin- Sentry Slayer

Faction: F.R.E.A.K.S- N/A,N/A,Emerzin,N/A,N/A,N/A

“Welcome one and all to the greatest shot of them all!”

Eddie “Emerzin” Williams was born into a poor family who couldn’t afford to keep him so they sold him to Kurtz, hoping to be rewarded by him. Kurtz however, didn’t care for Eddie and forced him into his army. There Eddie become known as Emerzin when a poison dart landed in him and he pronounced his name as “Emerzin”. Eddie hated the Sentries so when he had the chance one battle, sneaked up to one and killed them. He then got sent to an asylum where he and a group of his fellow inmates broke out and vowed to kill those who oppose their beliefs.

Bronze Skill: Shutdown
Throws a barrel at the targeted enemy, heal blocking them for 3 seconds and dealing x damage per second for 6 seconds. If the targeted enemy has a shield, do an extra x damage.

Silver Skill: Embed
Throws a chip at the targeted enemy, dealing x damage and each time this enemy moves, slow the enemy’s reload rate by 10% for the rest of the mission. If the targeted enemy is stunned, all allied heroes gain x health per second for 2 seconds

Gold Skill: Traitor
All allied heroes gain x weapon damage when the opponent has a KLG or KLG Black Ops hero. If the opponent has a Sentry, this hero gains x weapon damage and x health.

Platinum Skill: Hardwired
Whenever an enemy is affected by [Embed] they take an additional x damage and have a 15% chance to inflict [Embed] to other enemies.

Trusty Dusty Revolver
Weapon Damage: 4/5
Reload Time: 4.25 seconds
Rate of Fire: 1.2 rounds per second

Health: 4/5
Armor: 3/5
Critical Chance: 2/5

Position: Front line

I had a lot of fun making this, who knows? He might be featured in chapter 2 of Rebellion???:smirk:

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