Hero Hunters Wins Most Innovative Game Award

Hurray! Hero Hunters​ is one of Google Play’s Most Innovative games of 2018!

A great thanks to all our Hunters & Fans! We love what we do because of you all!

Check out the winners: https://play.google.com/store/apps/topic?id=campaign_editorial_bestof2018_most_innovative


Well-deserved :slight_smile:


Congrats! You have created an amazing game! Maybe a bit to addictive :wink:


Speak for yerself lad, I probably spent $100, this is a great game though :ok_hand:


Cheers. May you live long and prosper.

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My gf gives me mad looks whenever I touch my phone, so you made me an addict.

Maybe switch the title to addictive game of the year



hip hip

Congratulation, and I confirm my GF is not happy with you either.

Well deserved, hurray, congratulations! And thanks for the gift to celebrate this!

Well deserved, easily one of the most addictive I’ve played. Congratulations to the hero hunters team!

Most addictive game of the year and well deserved award. The devs listen to our input and changes for the better most times. You guys rock, congratulations!!!

Congratulations well deserved

Merci beaucoup pour le cadeau, continuez à faire évoluer le jeu

Wants to see it as the Game Of The Year…

The game could have won one of the best competitive games of 2018 since high leved players spend over 7 hours a day in tournament and brawls.

At least innovative title is never bad at all.

my friend got ban from this as he got addicted too fast

Wait, what? Are Hothead now banning players who are addicted to the game? That some amazing marketing.

Wait what? I mean that I have played this game for over 600days daily :sweat_smile:

We do not ban people for playing “too much.” Let’s put that rumor to bed right now before things get out of hand.


well done HH for doing this. Congrats in being so great and not even care about it. ( sarcastically)