Hero Suggestion: Levi

Levi: Sea Monster
Bio-Chem ShoreMen
Health/Defense: 2/5
-Dual Pistols: Tide Pods
Fire Rate: 2/second
Damage: 3/5
Clip Size: 20
Reload Speed: 2 Seconds
-Sniper Turrets: Hydraulic Hydras
Fire Rate: 1 every 2 seconds
Damage: 2/5

[Octo Turrets] Bronze
Activate a sniper tentacle that deals (low) damage, but also provides a shield with (medium) durability. Stacks up to 8 times and deactivates a turret when a shield breaks. Each turret has a mind of its own and can follow marks. Starts with 100% charge.

[Ambush] Silver
Lock onto a target, then charge all active turrets, disable basic attacks, and become invisible for 5 seconds. When invisibility wears off, all active turrets go off at once, dealing 5x damage to the target, each. Gain (medium) damage per second for 6 seconds.

[Ink Bomb] Gold
Deal (low) damage, disorient and silence for 5 seconds to the attacker whenever a turret breaks. Turrets gain a 6% chance to stagger. While invisible, charge [Octo Turrets] skill meter 50% faster.

[Kraken] Platinum
All attacks have a 4% chance to root, deal (high) Bio damage for 4 seconds, or heal back 50% damage done. Each effect has a separate chance of happening.

No backstory or reason this time… im too lazyyy…

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