Hero Suggestion: Nightshade - Reworked

So here’s the reworked version. Add some stuff and toned down a little for some stuff. Ember would be the next hero to be reworked. He needs it.

“Hey, wanna have a flu shot? I’ll give it to ya!”

Nightshade - Neriah Winslow - Field Medic - Corrosion Damage - Bio-Chem - Weapons Specialis

Kurtz’s Lawgivers

Her youth was not that great. She and her younger sister, Nightingale did not have a great relationship together in the same house. She was known as the more reckless and brutal while Nightingale was rather the kind and peaceful child. Nightshade was ignored by the family while Nightingale was the star of the family. This caused jealousy in Nightshade’s soul and hated her sister for 10 years until they parted. Nightingale wanted to rebuild their relationship but Nightshade just denied it. She was the outlaw, unloved, denied, and was the disgrace of the family.

She left to join the Shoremen at first but then left due to their lack of technology and their tactics were not that great. She left again and found People’s Guard, but also did not have what Nightshade was looking. She wanted a faction with the same burning hatred, the same motivation to seek out and eliminate the ones she hated. While on her journeys, she found Odachi in Blackthorne Prison and asked to join. One step in the KLG facility and she knew this is where she belonged. A place that seeks destruction and a leader with a fire in him to wreak havoc.

At first she tried out being a technician, but that failed due to her detonating drones flew to her allies, not the target. She tried being the infantry, worked better but didn’t satisfy her. She then tried to be a field medic and that worked really well for her. Seeing her allies with her support to defeat the enemy truly satisfied her and she trained to be the best medic anywhere has seen.

Description: An infected individual. The twin sister of Nightingale. Disinfects enemies helpless, finishing off enemies with spreading toxins, dealing a ton of damage to a group of enemies while recovering her allies’s health.

Uniqueness: Can change her weapon due to where she is positioned:

  • Frontlines: Change to a big cannon with xx damage per shot, 3 shots per clip and increased armor and gains xx armor.
  • Midlines: Change to a shotgun with xx damage per pellet, 6 per clip and increases all allies skill damage by 35%
  • Backlines: Change to a pistol with xx damage per shot, 10 per clip and increased all allies healing by 50%.

Ammo: 8 per clip


Contagious - (Bronze): Deal xx Damage to the targeted enemy. The inflicted enemy receiving xx Damage for 6 seconds. The inflicted enemy has a 15% chance to spread it along, dealing the same amount of damage to the next inflicted enemy.

Remedy - (Silver): Heals xx health to the allies and for every enemy the allies defeated, heal xx health. Also, remove all negative effects and the allies gains a shield with xx health. If the shield depletes before it expires, the ally will be unable to be damaged for 5 seconds. If the shield expires, the ally gains a random positive effect.

Flu Shot - (Gold): If an ally’s shot misses an enemy, heal Nightshade and the ally hero xx health.

Infections - (Platinum): [Contagious] deals an extra xx Damage and all ally’s shots ignore xx Armor, any successful damage dealt by enemies reduces the attacker’s damage by 35% for 3 seconds and reduce the attacker’s heals by 75%.


I like the idea of her bronze, but the gold seems to be a bit OP. Overall, I like her character, would be cool to see a dark version of Nightingale

yeah true would say if the gold would be like same as moss plat then it would be balanced

With a name like Nightshade all i want is another night legendary skin