Hero Suggestion: Nightshade

Faction: Legions

Name: Nightshade (Radioactive Infectionist)

Description: An infected individual. The twin sister of Nightingale. Disinfects enemies helpless, finishing off enemies with spreading toxins, dealing a ton of damage to a group of enemies.

Weapon: Shapeshifter (A weapon that can change from huge cannon blaster to sniper rifle to assault rifle. Her starting weapon is a sniper)

Clip: 8 per clip

Appearance: Green, radioactive-proof jacket with a battle vest on top, long pants and mascara on eyes with light green hair.


  • Radioactive Waste (Bronze): Transform this hero’s primary weapon to cannon mode and deals 45,000 Damage to the targeted enemy. The inflicted enemy receiving 15,000 Damage for 6 seconds. The inflicted enemy has a 15% chance to spread it along, dealing the same amount of damage to the next inflicted enemy. Return this hero’s primary weapon to sniper mode.
  • Toxic Epidemic (Silver): Transform this hero’s primary weapon to assault mode. Boost this hero’s damage by 20% and has a 55% chance to cause the enemy to be inflicted with a charge of [Toxic Epidemic]. Return this hero’s primary weapon to sniper mode.
    • A charge of [Toxic Epidemic] causes the enemy to receive 15,000 Damage per second for 3 seconds. If the targeted enemy dies, [Radioactive Waste] to fully recharge.
  • Biotic Bullets (Gold): If a shot misses an enemy, heal this hero 10K health
  • Radioactive Boosts (Platinum): [Radioactive Waste] and [Toxic Epidemic] deals an extra 12,000 Damage and all ally’s shots ignore 500 Armor. Also, any successful damage dealt by enemies reduce the attacker’s damage by 35% for 3 seconds.

I am open to comments, thx a lot mates

Silver might be overpowered, since Snipers already hit really hard, and it gets Assault Rifle fire rate AND more damage boosts. Her Gold and Platinum might need more work, but overall, its a great idea. I like that her weapon is multi-purposed. Shes definitely stronger than dogface. Cant wait for her legendary plague docter skin!

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Not a bad hero idea. You should slightly lower the damage on the skills as to not turn the hero into Panzer 2.0 who can 1-shot a hero once her skills charge. It’s really cool as to how Nightshade would be related to Nightingale. That could put plot twists in the story line in hero hunters. Nice.

Yea since Nightingale heals, I would guess Nightshade focuses on damage
Thx for feedback guys