(Hero Suggestion) Nue: Identity Theif

Nue: Identity Theif
Mid-Line Bio-Chem
Special Support
Yakuza/People’s Guard
Health/Defensive Ratings: 3/5
Bow: Phantasm
-Damage per shot: 3/5
-Fire Rate: 2/3 seconds

A masked figure capable of manipulating light and creating illusions. Struggles offensively, but her tricks can provide plenty of strategic advantages.

[Disguise] Bronze
The hero with the lowest health and the hero with the highest health gain invisibility for 3 seconds. They gain a (medium) shield and swap their aprearances for 12 seconds. Disguise breaks with the shield or when marked.

[Identity Loss] Silver
Nue replaces the portraits of the enemy team with random heros, and deals (medium) damage over time to the hero the opposing leader is in control of. Lasts for 15 seconds.

[Identity Theft] Gold
The first allied hero who drops below than 10% health gains a (heavy) shield and is invisible for 10 seconds or until they reach 50% health. This hero assumes their identity and ignores all other allies before 10 seconds pass. The shield absorbs 100% damage until broken. If either Nue or the ally in need gets marked, the disguise and shield are broken.

[First Impression] Platinum
At the beginning of each wave, all allies gain (light) shields and their appearances get randomly switched for 25 seconds.

I will get Protogen to prevent identify theft, Already countered