Hero Suggestion

Valtrex - The Stealth Sniper/Robot
Valtrex can aim his shot so good only 1 can miss
Fraction: Ranger’s
backstory: Valtrex wanted to join the KLG black ops but was not good enough that was what Kurtz said then prophet found him and trained him and offered him a spot in the Rangers to be Prophet’s Apprentice.

Bronze skill: Lazer Locked When Valtrex locks onto a target he will stand still for 5 seconds for a risky shot and if the enemy is defeated he will gain invisibility for 5 seconds.

Silver skill: Spring attack Specializes his weapon to lift the targeted enemy in the air for 10 seconds with a special spring.

Gold skill: Genesis Reboot: When Valtrex is below 50% of his health he will be invisible until 70% of his health is returned and will get a charge of Genesis Reboot up to 5 Charges each charge of genesis reboot will Increase the Critical chance of Lazer Locked.

Plat skill: Winged Defence: when Valtrex hits an enemy with a Critical shot he gains a 25% per cent faster cool down for Lazer Locked.

Hope this is better than my previous one and the Platinum skill * I did not have any idea of what to put and I hope your advice is right Spyro666 and I am working on his Plat skill and his Silver skill I am concerned

P.S Give me some advice pls

That’s it hope it is better.

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I like the design of this character. The bronze skill is identical to what prophet does, but other than that, overall it’s a good design.