Hey you selfish butt-heads: if I let you take all of my wins, I expect you to use up yours for me as well

There is literally no reason for you to abandon my clingy butt after I helped you win three times in a row in the Gorgon raid. In fact, when we share our wins, the outcome is 100% positive. We get crafting grenades, you get crafting grenades.

As Ergo Clast from Warframe says in the Perrin Sequence:

“A mutually beneficial exchange, as all business should be done.”

Who wouldn’t want to have a 100% chance to get crafting materials six times in a row?

Look, I know your 9 Star Platinum Heimlock and Dogface are gods compared to my 8 Star Platinum Maven and Salvatore, but we’re both winning in literally two minutes, aren’t we?

Off-topic: I’m also looking for a new Alliance now. My current one isn’t as lit as it was a few weeks ago.

Not that I’m condoning people taking wins and leaving, but you’re missing the main reason people do it. If you’ve invited them back twice, using all three of your wins, then there is zero incentive for them to run again with you, since it’s a guarantee that they’re using their runs and not getting invited back. If they return to the menu and re-match with a new person, they have a chance to get reinvited again after the match. So they’re trading their zero chance for free wins with you, for a nonzero chance with a new person.

That being said, it’s still a dick move lol

That’s what I’m saying, though!

What’s worse for me is when I use up my wins and they just sit there for two minutes waiting to for me to send another invite. It would be understandable if there was an emote that told us that they are waiting for an invite or they are also out of wins, like the “make a thanks emote for Raids” topic.

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Join mine! Drakonkings. I’ll… Make a spot.

Your alliance looks fancy. Taking a look right now:

Total power:

And then my 180k power. Gonna get roasted hard af.

Nah! I’ll pamper you. Just gotta ride, shoot straight and speak the truth.
How much damage do you think you’ll inflict in the bounties?

If I’m up against high level Golds and Platinums, I remember going only up to 110M damage. Assuming we’re going to have boosted damage Heroes for the bounty, I think I can get up to 160M or something. I get bored after the 20th bounty defeated… :confused: I just want a truly chillaxed group, that’s all.

classic victim blaming haha

We are relaxed and we kick those that don’t trade fair and square. Being a top alliance is not a goal but we want you to chat a bit and feel at home.

Rh4uk0 [R1SE]

He isn’t wrong, though.

To put it simple, they don’t have to ask to play again. If they wanna leave, that’s fine. Just find someone else to play the game with. Ask your alliance, play with randoms. Ask someone on the discord server. There are options .

I usually just leave after a round. Or help my alliance members. If they want to play again, I might do it once.

Lol what?? Where did I say anything was his fault? I was explaining why people do it. Don’t be dense.

You should tell him I agree with you and what GIR said. Probably baiting you.

Showing how many remaining raids someone has left, and a chat in the hero select screen would go a long way to helping these things. At least then you could see someone doesn’t have any Gorgon trades left and not waste any of yours on them. It would also help people trying to steal CH/Dojo, you could see people with no trades left wanting to trade.