How can i send report about Bad Players to Hothead Games?

Just as Tittke, How can i send report about Bad Players to Hothead Games.

i see some players with Vip Level 0, that’s mean they do not purchase any offer in game, so that is impossible when they have more than 1 million power rate and have full heroes event thought the account old > 600 days, i think they use some mod or hack in this game, please HH games check this, that is not fair

It is perfectly possible to be a million+ with VIP 0 if you just play the game, it’s not easy but far from impossible. It’s not hard to collect almost all the heroes from in game events and some luck, HH isn’t pay to win so reporting players for their hard work is nothing but rude and unjustified without evidence.


I am VIP level 0 , Total team power is 1M+ and my account is just older than 560 days. It is possible if you play the game daily and participate in all the events.


Hi, im sorry if there is not clear in previous post, i want to talk a group (alliance) with all members have full heroes and maximum upgrade (10 star and 5 platinum rank), the power is 1 - 2 millions, i dont think that is word hard and lucky

As you know there is some heroes you can not unlock if did not purchase some ofer (ex kurzt), i know we can gain fragment by War prize, but that is not enough

Some people really play this game 24/7 and get really gud. Others get lucky. I’m 80 fragments away from Kurtz and our alliance has only come first in a season twice. I’m sure being first in alliance war fives enough fragments. There’s also the Kurtz crate which gives fragments as well.

Those are good players.

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Nothing is locked behind a pay wall in this game, if that alliance all got the heroes from just playing the game then props to them. Even the 4* heroes locked in the Gilded crate, the tokens to unlock them are in events every month. As much as you can pay to win, HH doesn’t push you in that route.


hi, i know your point of view, but i still concern something,
I agree that many players play this game every day every months, joined all events, But remember one thing, the game is have many Limit:

  1. energy, 3 minutes for 1 energy (20 for 1Hour, 480 for 24 hours) 3 times free fill energy (120), you will receive 50 by watch Ads & a little by daily mission so you receive ~ 700 energy every day.
    i am sure that it is impossible to Upgrade for 85 heroes to 5 rank platinum.

  2. The game have limit every day for Hard mission, the main way to gain Hero Fragments, so that is impossible to have full heroes with all 10 star
    i know we can gain by event and some store

You should calm down and calculate above what i mean you will see, this is very very impossible to have full 85 heroes at 10 star and 5th platinum, i think you know how we work hard to upgrade a hero to 5th platinum and 10 star

Everything you do in the game contacts our servers and creates a log. If someone was somehow gaming the system, which is highly unlikely, then they would get sync errors and progress rollbacks.

Consider this: those players may have gotten where they are through hard work and dedication, and spent their time playing. When you play that hard, there’s less time to examine everyone else’s accounts, and they have lower blood pressure as a result.


I hate to burst your bubble but you are forgetting something, you may think you know the math and know the game inside out and limits. But players can PVP all day and get a ridiculous amount of frags and gold and rewards. A point to remember is just because you can’t understand it, doesn’t make it impossible or event worst make them cheaters. Don’t hate on others calling them hackers or cheaters just because they play better than you :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for your explanation, it’s ok, that just my idea.

I do not judge someone is cheaters or hacker, as the first post, that’s my questioned, i just want HH games should check the concern i see.

That is only an idea, not a request or anything. again, many thanks for your explanation

You can get kurtz or any other hero without paying money. I dont see why its any of your business anyway if people are vip or not.

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I am someone with less than 600 days and my power is 953k so it’s possible and I am only 55 frags away from unlocking kurtz

Please read my topic carefully, i talking about account with full 85 heroes at 10 star and 5th platinum upgrade.
i wil verify something

I do not compare between pay to play and unpay to play, this is just a game, that is play for fun. And i respect all gamers play this game because we have the same hobbies

This topic just ask why many people do not use any offer in game but they can have the full upgrade account, i just"think’’ they use some mode, that is a question, i do not judge or any mean

Seems like there’s no judgment at all

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@Gale If he’s really finding accounts with every hero maxed, then what do you have issue with? Any account with 85 10/5 heroes (barring a dev) is obviously cheating.

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That’s… not even one MKV worth of stamina.

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I have spoken…

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