How to be Sigma in HH world?

It takes years of practice, hard work, patience, dedication [insert more words to exaggerate it]
to professionally and delicately sink your own boat.


Who is it invented for ? For those who have already achieved everything ? And those who are developing will not be able to get that far . My union will reach a maximum of 8 lines , with all the effort

Totally agree, we will boycott this bounty

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It would be different if they left all the tiers the same but then added 2-3 higher over the current milestone 1 so everyone that is able to make the old milestone 1 would still get the same rewards but those teams that continue to play after MS1 can overachieve for the extra hard to get rewards. FYI, there are plenty of teams that struggle to make the old MS1, I use to be in one of them.

One can guess there were several options for the change to bounty depending on the goal. In regards to the deca matter, it may have been a stipulation that they somehow maximize time-on-platform/account numbers; Or some related metric.

When I heard of changes to bounty coming, I was guessing that astral- and void-related items would be included as rewards.

Now that the changes are here, one is reminded this is a business. You see that the special offers tab now has a visual feature to drive engagement (or maybe that happens when I switch between accounts).

I wonder if FF is still alive

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