How to farm the 20-30k gold farmers happily

What have you done geeeeez

I mean you did place a 8-star, platinum +1 Dogface in there. Seems to be a pretty even fight!



We all know that if you go all plat then u have 10stars to deal with. Are you trying to tell us with you new patch that you are trying to discourage or don’t need new players anymore and is satisfied with your current feeders. Or do you have plans to discontinue the game, thus trying to keep new players away.

ROFLMAO garbage Gold farmer keeps crying LOLOL

Yeah, there’s been a HUGE issue with PVP matchmaking today. It was never this bad before.

And a side note: don’t put one super strong character with a bunch of fodder, because the system has been adjusted to punish that. But this right here definitely should not be happening, and you are not to blame.


I got matched with someone running a similar team as yours (Plat dog with a bunch of 2k silvers for a total of about 19k) while running a balanced gold team with no bars at about 4k each.

Glad to see justice being served. You and all the other scum who do this min-maxing and power manipulation thing deserve this.

Nah man, you’re the one (and others who do this) keeping new players away. Your hope is to get matched with lower level teams to get an easy win with your 8* Plat Dogface. I long for the day the devs take into consideration individual hero ranks and stars when matchmaking, and not just overall team power.


Yeah doggy style on gold farmers is just the perfect medicine. Since you guys choose not to grow up and be a man, we just have to bring the fight down to you boys. Btw you r missing at fun at plat lvl lol.

Eh, no. We’re running balanced teams hoping for a fair fight. You are taking advantage of the broken matchmaking system hoping for an easy win, and instead got your ass handed to you.

Yes, because farming for a plat is sooooo easy and just takes one day huh? /sarcasm

With unbalanced and unfair teams? Haha. Please. XPOOPX deserves a medal for mopping the floor with you and reminding you where your place is. Whoever this guy is, he has my respect.

Might I add, you are most definitely to blame and it should happen to you. As Lurking_Garbage said, you did place an 8-star Plat +1 Dogdace in your team. It is rightfully so that you get with other teams with Plat too right? :slight_smile:

While running a balanced team at 4k each, I’m not supposed to get matched with a 10k Plat Dogface, and yet I was. That is what’s not supposed to be happening.

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Poop is just a bot LOLOL,This is what happens when u just farm at gold lvl everyday LOL u have no clue what’s happening. Please grow up rofl. But if that lvl satisfies you then carry on lol. True farm plat is easy but farming to gold is LOL easy.

Well, regardless, that bot still deserves a medal. At the end of the day, you got what you deserve, because admit it, you probably have gotten matched with player-controlled teams that you beat easily with your unfair lineup. You’re probably doing for the easy PvP points for the ongoing event as well, seeing as you’re using Dogface, and the “PvP points earned” over there.

TBH, I have no idea what gold farming is. I assume it’s just repeatedly playing PvP and hoping for a gold reward every 5 wins. Saying that you’re gold farming doesn’t change the fact that your unbalanced and unfair team still gets matched with human players (as it did with me). Even if you frequently get matched with bots, there will always be human players running fair and balanced teams that you will get matched with, and that is not a pleasant experience for them.

I like seeing you people staunchly defend the broken system when it benefits you, but then cry salty tears when it backfires and you get your ass handed to you. LOL. Good day, sir.


TBH you don’t know everything lol. Maybe growing up will help lol

Yawned… moderator delete post pls.

You tried to beat the system, but the system got back on you. Stop crying and play with a real team.


I had 3 plats and 2 gold at around 40k power. I was matched with someone (not bot) with 23k power. Not my problem of course, but it’s still unfair.

While this is clearly a bug, and should be addressed, I’m personally happy you experienced it.

It’s hilarious how you complain about unfair matches while you are actively looking for unfair matches to have easy wins, making advantage of weaker players in the process.


Yeah rofl gold farmers with 8 and 9 stars . Walle is definitely a farmer lol.

It was to address an issue till the farmers came. Now that they can’t go lower and have a problem farming what’s next? Up? Good choice?

And seriously is just the same until u have 10stars team lol. So either u suffer to get up there or pay to get up there or forever down there lol.

Yes you should go up there and be able to play PvP with a real team or you will stay down there needing to farm low level for ever.

And FYI farmers. On auto I have seen bronze ghoul in pvp, last man standing and self healing. How amazing lol. Check it out :stuck_out_tongue:

@Vo2, you got played for exploiting the system. Deserve to get your ass handed to you. No sympathy for your exploitation.

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ROFLMFAO have u tried the :love: button lol