How to send a standard greeting to new alliance members?

I’d like to send a standard DM to all new alliance members to welcome them and to lay out some basic expectations, but I don’t want to type it out every time and Hero Hunters doesn’t appear to have access to the iPad clipboard. Anyone have ideas on how I can do this easily?

You must take the commanding job not like boss , take it like leading . You must know how to lead , if you have some experience then it’s good . You must know how to take your players in confidence and one most important thing , you should not get angry on your crew .No alliance is top right after it born , things take time to set up. So be patient , dedicated to make a strong alliance . Be a leader, not a boss. That’s all for me . If u want more like these , send me DM at SIL4NT KILL4R

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“Greetings & welcome for new members. I hope u guys can enjoy being here & able to do some scores in all events with us.”

And then commander + XO also have to do the same amounts of scores or do way more better. So,actions will speak more than commanding :+1:t2:

Open any text redactor, write what you want, copy this in PM of newcomers, when they join in Alliance. For example «Welcome to Hell! Tonight we will dinner there». :slight_smile:

Copy and paste is my biggest asset. I use notes in iphone and copy what i need when i need it. Any message that is general and needed for future situations gets written down and copied and pasted. Saves a lot of time. Especially when recruiting. :slight_smile:


That’s so weird… Copy/pasting from Notes was the first thing I tried, but it’s like HH can’t access the clipboard. I can copy/paste from Notes into Messages, Chrome, etc., but not HH.

I’m on an iPad Pro, but that shouldn’t make a difference, right?

The amount of characters is your problem. Shorten your message to fit the character max and your set. Same goes for banners.

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Have u tried to NOT use ‘Enter’ in ur copied messages? Just use period and spacing between ur sentences…

That was it! Thanks @KINGPIN1134 and everyone else for your suggestions. :grinning: :+1:

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