Huge Kraken's hero thought's

Okay I’m gonna go over all my hugh powered hero,s in my line up hero in my line up
Hive mind 5* plat: hive is one of the greatest pve hero’s ever his drones are great support and offensive tools
Cast 6* star gold1 bar: cast being the first hero I grinded out of campaign always was a faverite of mine his stun silence plus overall tankiest makes him a really solid choice for certain teams
Dogfaces gold 6*:No need to awnser this one
Bolt gold 6*:dogfaces may be higher power but I just prefer using bolt more he is so much fun to play as and requires a lot of skill to use
Mandrake6* gold:again no need to explain this one
Moss5gold: first hero I got from the hero cate and always will be my favourite healer of all time his overheal is amazing a d he also has high damage and a good skill pool
gold:strong DpS good skills has a mild support role what’s more to love
Nightingale gold*5:fastest heal in the game and can stun targets second faverought
healer in the game

That’s all folks just my opinions on some hero’s I like share you’s


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I like reading these! Keep it updated!