I’m selling my immagination

I don’t want it anymore, I keep creating heroes and other stuff that nobody cares about and if I don’t I get headaches.
Prices start at $30,000.
Who is the first?


Sorry, Lappo, but your imagination is priceless.

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Instead of creating Heroes, why not landscapes? Why not set pieces? Why not enemy NPC concepts?Why not use your noggin to create a whole fan fiction?

You pump out Hero concepts on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day. Your mind is more than that.

Anyways, I’ll bargain for your imagination: drop it down to $50,000 dollars and we’re set.

I go 100,000 for it man.

That besides, I don’t see anything wrong with creating them. But try and spend more time perfecting them. If that’s not the right one for you, try devoting in other aspects: theories, bosses, an idea for a new update, anything.

Probably the best response I’ve ever seen you give lol

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