In game dev accounts?

@GunSlinger , @Skathi and other HHG admins had a dev alliance in game. @Skathi and @Muninn held accounts that maxed out heroes so we could see what kind of power they would have fully leveled up. Does DECA have this already? If not, could you? We would collectively appreciate it.


Yes this is much needed . We used to take maxed out accounts of Munin and skathi as reference to what to power up . So it’s a request to Deca to make their accounts as reference accounts too

This could actually be handy yes. I know UsMarine has one of the strongest accounts. But for comparison its better

Their gonna have to come up with different tag then cuz DECA already taken.

Ah a fellow disc golfer, a man of culture. Yeah I’d like to see at least one account maxed for reference

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Yea, some players have a lot of high powered heroes but all at the same level shows how they compare better.

Their current tag is [DECAG] DECASTATION if you want to look it up


Thanks V, hopefully they do a max hero account like Skathi kept up. Muninn for that matter, too.

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