IPadOS cursor move fail in chat textbox

To dev,
Hi, I think IPadOS new cursor moving feature is incompatible to the existing chat textbox setting. Basically I m unable to move the cursor to any point in a sentence but only the beginning of that sentence.

I’m having the same issue on iPhone 11… also, I needed to send a pic for a support ticket, but once I try to add the pic, there is no options that pop up to let you add it…in fact… I have to close the whole app because I can’t even exit.

Yea, not just iPadOS, IOS13.1 behave the same if u have your iPhone updated.

I’m having the same problem with my iPhone 11 too. Plus all backgrounds are stretched beyond my screen so that I am not able to see things normally along the edge. It’s most annoying when I want to hit the X to finish an ad. It’s half off the screen.

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