Iris: Acrobat

Iris: Lightweight Acrobat
Rear-Line Energy
Medium Health High Defense
Crowd Control/Support
UAF Airborne

Marksman Rifle: Light Show
-Medium damage
-2 shot per second
-10 shots per clip
-2 second reload

A former circus acrobat who is the tester of a variation of hardlight waves. Various stunt training and equipment help save a teammate in a pinch, while her light based attacks allow her to burn through anyone hiding behind shields and expose cloaked figures.

[Spot-Light] Bronze
Place down a automatic stage light where she stands. Whenever she uses [Spot Light] again, throw a prism at a teammate. Anyone touched by the light cannot cloak.

The Light works as a turret, but deals steady energy damage. For each prism placed down, it allows the light to split, dealing extra damage to the closest 3 enemies for every extra prism. When that ally is in cover, the prism becomes unusable.

[Safety Net] Silver
This hero casts a medium health shield on a friendly target that activates once they are in critical condition. Once it does, it reduces the next 3 attacks damage by 50%.

The shield expires after 15 seconds if not used. Doesn’t stack. Point at an enemy to cast the net upon herself.

[Acrobatics] Gold
Whenever this hero drops under half health, she has a 20% chance to dodge attacks. Each time she does, reduce the cooldown of [Safety Net] by 15%. Anyone with an unused charge of [Safety Net] also temporarily gain Acrobatics.

[Laser Circus] Platinum
This hero can fire her main weapon into the prisms she throws around, dealing medium energy damage to the 3 closest enemies. Light bullets have a 20% to bounce into another prism, splitting again.

No current Designs in mind. Yet. Story is also incomplete, but I got bored and im still trying to get over writers block. Hopefully her abilities look fun.

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I forgot to add a variable to Iris’s gold, so i guess each time Safety Net cushions an attack, they gain a little bit of health back.

Oh, and another detail is that the light doesnt affect enemy heros hiding in cover, so it only punishes those who roll a lot.

The idea that a character dodges attacks with lower health is very interesting. I like this concept!