Is the super sale really a sale?

The super sale, Artemis is 999 gold for 75 frags which equals to 66.6 gold per 5 frags. Black market Artemis is 120 gold for 10 frags which equals 60 gold per 5 frags. That isn’t a sale… that feels more like a con. As I need 354 more frags to unlock Artemis, the super sale will cost me 675 more gold than spending in the black market.
Super Sale:
999 gold times 5 equals 4995
75 frags times 5 equals 375

Black Market:
120 gold times 36 equals 4320
10 frags times 36 equals 360

Isn’t the purpose of spending at a “SALE” versus what’s more available is to save?

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Yeah, they seem to have a habit of making poor sales decisions. You know what I’d like to see? Good deals on gold purchases.

At least Hecklar looks like on sale to me. There was an offer of 5 stars hecklar that is 165 frags for 1500 gold. We can have 480 fragments for 480 gold. Artemis does look like she is not on sale. But a chance to unlock 7 stars hero with gold. It is really hard to unlock 7 stars by buying fragments from every store if not in luck.

Actually, the 999 gold for 75 Artemis frags was an excellent deal for me.

I had 6k gold, since I have a consistently poor luck, I would never get 7 star hero out of crates. Also I have ALL heroes except 7 stars trinity and Yeager, getting collected heroes again would be lame for me.

My goal is to collect 7 star heroes, and I’m satisfied that hhg devs made getting artemis frags possible for Vip 0 player like me.

I’m only 55 frags away from getting her, and I only have 237 gold now. So my only hope for getting Artemis is from heronium store, while the sale ends soon. (there’s no way I could get 999 golds total in a week)

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Yes, the cost per frag is expensive, but the opportunity to unlock before bounty is priceless. HHG will never be able to satisfy everyone, but she is a rare bird so the cost should always be higher.

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Update: Finally unlocked Artemis!

The cost was 454,000 bucks, which is still ok.

‘still ok’

Congratulations Nyris, it was a good deal for unlocking Artemis but not with cash, but stacked gold from daily drop. Pretty sure no one was prepared for it.

Shes a 7 star hero… Being able to buy her at all was a great deal. I wish they’d do that for Brogan.

I think the term sale in this game means things are available to buy, rather than the traditional use of the word where sale means a better price :wink:

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