Is there a pattern in order to improve new Heroes faster?

Is there a pattern in pieces for improving heroes.

I mean, in order to get a bronze-silver-gold-platin new hero, I could get their pieces even before they get to the game but, is there a pattern for doing this.

Is there a pattern for classes (energy, mech or bio) or a patter for factions?

No exactly. I mean, a pattern for new heroes.

For example; most energy heroes use this pieces to promote from gold to platin.

Or most “insert faction here” heroes use this pieces to promote from x to y

I mean, in this way you could take the upcoming heroes from green to platin faster.

Each hero needs different items, but there IS a pattern of sorts. The 6 gear slots, left to right, are as follows:

A canister will always be on the leftmost slot. Its rank and element will match that of your hero (gold energy canister for gold energy hero).

The next 2 slots will be an item the rank of which will equal that of your hero (Hero is gold= gold items). The 2nd slot will typically be an item that requires Throwing Stars and Fuel Cells.

The 3rd item will be a rank higher if they are about to be promoted and gain a new skill (promoting from silver 3 to gold, there will be a gold item) (the latest heroes don’t have a silver item required to achieve silver rank). For platinum heroes, the 3rd slot will always ask for a Core Mk. x in order to promote them to Plat + x.

The last 3 can be items ranging from your hero’s current rank, all the way to green. Items that require Throwing Stars and Fuel Cells won’t show up here.