Jōji - Update 6.6.5


We know you all really enjoy Min’s Danger Sim event, so we’re bringing it back for the second time in a row in the span of a few weeks!

We decided to do an update focused on a new hero and this event only! This time, however, there is a slight twist…

Introducing…Min’s Danger Sim: Pain and Suffering!

Checkpoints at each 1000 stages! The reward will be waiting for you at stage 5000!

The main focus of the event story is Marlowe - explore a “what if” scenario that takes her family to Japan to try an experimental treatment for her health condition. Being only 19 at the time and because of the schooling differences, she had to retake the last school year in Japan.She met a lot of new friends there and started making a name for herself as an aspiring cosplayer. Some years later, when she was already in her mid 20s, an organization known only as the “Rangers” took interest in her…

Just because you’re awesome, here’s a little sneak peek from the story in-game:

And now I bet you’re all wondering what the reward is and if it’s also connected to Marlowe…Of course, it is! It’s an alternative Rare skin for her, bringing us a view of her school year in Japan!

The skin you’ll have to see for yourself in-game once you reach that 5000 stage. Your sussy CM though was able to get her hands on a few of the concepts for it and is more than happy to share those with you…

And her own vision of how the skin could look:

There’s also a new mysterious hero named Jōji waiting for you in this update. :eyes:
He seems to be missing so you’ll need to find him!

You can find the trailer for him on our Youtube channel here.

Update 6.6.5 goes live tomorrow, April 1st!


Note: All images for the Marlowe skin concept except the hand-drawn one were created with the lovely help of Midjourney. :yum:

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Looks great. But April 1. Come on now. lol

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April 1 bit suspicious

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Hahaha, wish we actually had update tomorrow tho, can’t wait to check out Bypass!

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Waooo can’t wait for it, I wish the update is tomorrow


喜欢 (like) trailer wow so good

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did all enemy on the simulator will have goku hair?

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