Joke Hero: Zombie Man

Chemical Hero
Faction: None

It’s just a zombie, a normal zombie…

Hp 1/5
Armour 0/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 4/5

Bronze: Argh - he screams, scaring his enemies

Silver: brains - he lashes at the target, biting it and regenerating health

Gold: infected meat - when he bites an enemy, he has a 35% chance to infect it and cause damage over time

Platinum: Immortal - The first time he dies, he resurrects becoming immortal but only causes 1 damage

  • in this state the resurrections do not work on him

  • at the end of the match, he is counted as dead

A moment of stupid madness on my part.
This time I did everything myself.
Bad that it goes, it can be used it as a boss in some event