Minor Game mistake

Hi I would like to point out a minor mistake. Was looking to get dogface frags so I tapped on the spot to see where u can find frags from… it says u can find him in hard stage 11.9… but the actuality is maven frags… and similarly for maven it only shows u can find her in 2 stages of the three possible

Actually, if you click on 11.9H, you can see that the actual reward is in fact Dogface. The error is on the main district 11 screen. The “Find-In” menu is correct.

1~2 starring will give maven frags

Thanks I can’t beat that stage so no way to verify

Just as Nyris said, if you clear it, you should receive Maven frags (at least I did).

So the bug is, in fact, in the “Find-in” menu :stuck_out_tongue:

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