Miracle is happen sometimes


Just want to give you some steam.

As we all know, in this game if we chase the most scores there will be a lot of pressure and stress. Moreover, this is included as the shooting game category, which requires players to compete with other players, especially in PVP mode.

All are competing to get the latest hero and their skin as fast as possible. Even in some cases there are also players who are willing to spend real money to get them all.

Okay, it’s your own rights. Here I just want to say that as if you buy hero & skin tokens with real money, when it turns out you can’t get them all from all the opening crates, maybe you need to relax & calm down… :massage_man:t3: :man_kneeling:, and no need for rage :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You need to try this method once, donate your coop a little to players who need it too. Trade frequently, or giveaway to random players.

Intend sincerity, then maybe God will give His miracles. From there we might be given what we wants (Hero & Skin). Then prayer :palms_up_together:t3: is also important here, if you ask me. Like fishing :fishing_pole_and_fish: for example, in the old days people fishing that need bait first to get fish. So, literally we give something to the fish, then we can get that fish after.

:grin: why so serious,friends…? Read slowly, relax, aaand just enjoy the process

This writing is for entertainment purposes only. :slight_smile:
Happy hunting for you all.

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