MKV tokens in the Black Market

Asking Hero Hunters for more options to get MKV/VI tokens, and seeing them in the Black Market for 200gold made me think of this.

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200g for 40 is very good if you compare it to their original source from campaign. Plenty of them in Heronium Store as well. (Edit: well not MK V sorry)

Some used to spend multiple of 10k gold just to farm them at a far worse rate.


I mean dude, we got it, now we just need to say thanks


You have 18 mk5 in d1 extreme.

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5 gold per frag is not all that bad of an investment, especially when you consider the alternative of grinding it out for eons of time (and also due to the fact that ruby cores are often given as rewards). Seems to fit the theme of the black market; make something highly desirable at a heavy cost.

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