My first HH action figure see

Old toys modified. Work in progress. Let me know your thoughts. Ty


aweesssomeee… but i guess hardscops’ bazooka is different. but over all, its good… Nice nice nice.

Thanks Neogens. I don’t have any closer looking bazooka on my inventory right now. Thank you for your kind comments

HH action figures would be dope, overwatch action figures are pretty nonexistent.

@LordNikon where you at, this is right up your ally

I love it! Great effort.

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So awesome! :sun_with_face:

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Is that Luke Skywalker?
But I do love me some action figures. Good work my dude!

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You almost got it. It’s Han Solo from the latest movie.


Thank you everyone. I have some few more WIPs in line up. Hope to finish them soon

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Aww, I was soo close.

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