New bounty map

First i want to point out the New changes in bounty are amazing except one thing. I’m sure I speak for everyone when we are enjoying the higher rewards and the higher bounty. Those ruby’s are a lot more fun to hit. But there is one thing I want to point out with the new map. During the travel between the first and second stage, there is a 5 second later arrival time compared to the old maps. Usually we can start attacking by 30 seconds in the old map. For the new ones we can’t attack til 25 seconds. Those 5 seconds we lose while running to the second stage makes a big difference in defeating in one try as opposed to two tries.

Amazing. Bounty is no challenge at all. Now you have to jump an inch and you start complaining.

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Dude so what it’s only five seconds. I love the ruby bounties and the new map please don’t keep the trend of complaining about every update on here

This map really has some bugs. And that is one of the most interfere on the experience…
But is a excelent update, no doubts!

use a Frontline hero & you don’t jump around

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