New Hero concept: Analyst

Analyst is a dangerous mercenary with incredible logistics and has perfected his ingenious inventions and methods. In a one on one fight he is nearly undefeatable due to adapting and understanding his opponents strengths and weaknesses. His calculations are said to be like a machine’s, and even the men who hire him shudder at his seeming lack of emotions.

Faction: Mechanical
Position: midline

Bronze, Analyzation: he spends three seconds out of cover, picks one target which lasts 7 seconds. He gains bonus basic attack and elemental damage against the target, and he has 20% chance evasion just against that target. He has 50% reduced damage against all other enemies. Refreshes if he kills the target.

Silver, Death Trap: he sets up a trap for ten seconds, which dodges the next enemy skill used against him, then, he inflicts minor damage upon said user, stuns them and heal blocks them for a limited time.

Gold, Statistic Sharing: all allies now gain bonus attack damage against the target that is being analyzed

Platinum, Knowledge is power: any target that is being analyzed now cannot resist their opposing elemental damage, and allies penetrate x armor against said target

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